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How we are different: beyond the algorithms 

Beyond the advanced algorithms (reinforcement learning, dynamic programming, regressions, linear optimizations), we bring a different business analytics consulting proposition.


We believe in the power of doing. All of our consultants are industry experts from hands on experience. Partners and collaborators span over wide range of industries, covering both tactical and strategic challenges. With deep understanding of the industry-specific practical issues that need to be faced  during implementation and knowledge gained from from having been on the front line, solving real problems, they will help you to design and implement the best algorithms that will give you an analytics competitive edge .


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Each client receives our unique, undivided commitment by our working teams. Our teams do not work simultaneously on competing projects: everyone in the firm is fully committed to the success of your project in its competitive space. We negotiate each contract with explicit and contractually binding limits to scope and geography that enables our team to work exclusively for you without any conflict of interest. You can can be sure we are 100% committed and your company will receive the full advantage of insights generated during your project with us.


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We understand the underlying reality behind the models we build. Our teams include engineers and scientists that provide rigor to our data analysis, models and recommendations. We leverage the latest theory and tools and are agile in our approach to solving your unique problem. We have proprietary methods that allow our teams to create data driven results with repeatable formulas. 


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