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Inventory management + routes

Simultaneously optimize your inventory and your routes

Inventory and routes in the same solution:

  • Efficiently manage both inventory and collection or supply routes

  • Minimize costs through optimization  comprehensive of each warehouse, SKU and vehicle.

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Plan the movement of articles, integrating prediction and optimization

Anticipate and keep control of your environment at all times :

  • Analyze the demand for each SKU in each warehouse  using our advanced machine learning models: regressions, SVM, neural networks.

  • Get  projections for stock and  visualize its evolution based on programmed demand and planned routes

  • Manages risk based on the variability anticipated by the models

Achieve higher standards  efficiency: ​​

  • Let scheduling algorithms manage decisions of how much, when,  how and with which vehicles deliver and pickup at each location

  • Keep in control of your daily operations in an interface in real time. Make better decisions based on current data.

  • Respond dynamically to changes as they are occurring.

Improve the service to your customers:

  • Guarantees stock levels without incurring extra costs

  • Keep your customers informed about quantities and times

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