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A unique offering in business analytics

Data and computational power are increasing at an unprecedented rate. We are able to implement complex methods at a lower cost. But real world problems are still complex to frame and the implementation of solutions, involving the careful management of processes, power networks and culture, is still highly challenging. That is why we believe that business analytics consulting is, and will be for the foreseeable future, a key support for management.

The number of consulting firms in analytics is continuously increasing, but we believe that there current models do not satisfy the needs of many companies.

First, most of the business analytics consulting is done by former management consulting firms with a very particular hiring and promotion structure based to lifelong consulting careers. This has lead to consultants who have never taken the responsibility of building or managing a real business. Models are consequently difficult to implement and to maintain. There seems to be a language gap between the C suite and the teams in the field on the one hand, and the dark suit consultant.

Secondly, large consulting firms eventually advice multiple corporations active in competing markets. Though the talk about "china walls", the reality is that aggregated results and insights eventually spread out through the organization. This leads to strategies that are indistinguishable, tending toward consensus and to conservative implementation: fertile ground for disruption.

Finally, most MBA's, typical recruitment target of large consulting firms, access junior positions with no solid engineering and scientific background. Consultants rely on "experts" that occupy minor roles in these organizations and whose opinion has limited impact in the final output.

Contact us and learn about Innitium can help you in your decision-making process.

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